We love open-source technology. Building the server, the user interface, and all the steps between, our development team is highly skilled in languages such as PHP, Java, SQL and JavaScript. Our goal is to build cutting-edge websites that are simple to use and stunning to see--showcasing the best of the web while staying streamlined and efficient.


Autobox specializes in building content management systems which give you full control of your online content. Our CMS projects generally utilize Drupal--it is by far the most powerful open-source tool for the job. Drupal has a strong development community that contributes to its success and support. Whether we are building a forum, blog, photo gallery or intranet site, Drupal is our choice when we start our planning.

To learn more about Drupal, visit their website.


NationBuilder is a powerful and affordable CRM platform for campaign management. Based on many of the technologies that changed the American election scene in 2008 and 2012, NationBuilder is a people-focused tool that has proven results in the field. With portfolio members such as the NDP, Amnesty International and the UN, chances are that if you’ve recently signed a digital petition or donated to a fundraiser, you’ve already used NationBuilder.

NationBuilder is highly modular and can be customized for many different initiatives, including:

  • Elections
  • Nonprofits
  • Community advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Constituency management
  • Community and small business

Autobox is a certified NationBuilder developer and architect. Learn more about NationBuilder’s tools on their website.