Autobox Rocks.

Ryan Griffiths, Stacey Friesen & Jedd Horvath of Autobox Media Inc.

Founded in 2009, Autobox Media is a young web design and development company nevertheless boasting an impressive and varied portfolio of satisfied clients. With a core staff of web veterans and a regular roster of talented contractors, we offer expertise and excellence at every stage of your project, from concept, design, and implementation to maintenance, updates, and archiving. Located in downtown Vancouver near Coal Harbour, our headquarters are just like the websites we design: right in the sweet spot where beauty meets brisk business.

Because of our size, we don’t deal in cookie-cutters, and you’re not billed to make up for bloated overhead. Instead, we’re able to offer a flexible, boutique service based on strong relationships. Pairing outstanding design skills with simple, powerful ideas, we’ll work with you to develop web applications tailored specifically your organization’s unique needs. And although we’re perfectly at home in all the technical jargon, we know that not everybody else is – so we’re proud to be fluently bilingual in Geek-Speak and plain English.

Of course, no website is an ‘end product’ – your site will be dynamic and changing, drawing repeat visitors over and again. That’s why we focus on open source solutions for your content management and eCommerce, offering the best standards for accessibility and support. What you’ll get is a user-friendly site from user-friendly site builders, with the knowledge and support necessary to grow your web presence into the future. Contact us to get started.

Ryan Griffiths President

Level-headed, approachable, and commanding an infectious sense of calm and confidence, Ryan Griffiths brings to bear more than two decades of success in IT development, leadership, and site design. In his years as a team leader with Capgemini (then Ernst & Young), Ryan oversaw and completed a number of diverse projects bridging the needs of both technology and business. Working with leading clients like Vancity Credit Union and Telus, he steered massive amounts of data into simple, flexible frameworks, as well as having guided the teams that built those frames. But man can’t live solely in the glow of a monitor; in his off-hours, Ryan enjoys and maintains an extensive collection of vintage bikes, cars and boats. As far as he’s concerned, grease under the nails is the perfect yin to the digital yang.

Jedd Horvath Creative

Blessed with a family obsessed with Apple products, Jedd grew up around computers and began tinkering with applications in Grade One – by university, he was running an in-home computer-repair business with two other students. Working alongside Stacey Friesen at Nettwerk Music Group, Jedd designed websites for acts such as Ladytron and Avril Lavigne. With a history in music and a degree in philosophy, Jedd moves freely between left and right brain, as when he maintained the online site of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney. Both a designer and front-end developer, Jedd does concept development through to design and layout, and then to production, favouring HTML5 and all the other trendy acronyms in modern web. When traveling by land, he prefers 80’s pocket scooters; by water, he skippers sailboats.