Scotty Hard Trust

August, 2009
Scott Harding is a highly accomplished New York City based music producer, engineer, and performer. The Scotty Hard Trust allows people to donate money to Scotty without disqualifying him from the limited social benefits he receives. Created by close friends, it helps provide Scotty with immediate and long-term financial support.

My Task Timer

July, 2010
My Task Timer is an Autobox pet project that allows you to keep track of time for your various projects. When you are finished, post it to Basecamp or Freshbooks. All timer data is stored using client side cookies to make it light weight and simple. The best thing is that it is free to use.

Haute Note

August, 2005
Haute Note is a modern take on the centuries-old tradition of personalized social stationery, offering elegant cards that reflect the distinct taste and style of the sender. But don't let the term "social stationery" fool you. Their cards aren't just for ladies who lunch. They're for anyone with an eye for design and a love of letters.

Although built several years ago, this project was spearheaded by our president and fearless leader Ryan. The site features a custom card creation tool built in PHP.

Look for the new site in our portfolio launched in November 2010.

Bodega Ridge

September, 2008
Bodega is nestled on 22 acres of pristine coastal country ideal for year-round recreation. We are situated at the base of the famous Bodega Ridge, with magnificent views of Trincomali channel, the surrounding Gulf Islands and the Vancouver Island mountains.

Ashley Watson

October, 2008
Vancouver based designer Ashley Watson and her staff handcraft her one-of-a-kind leather products using exclusively recycled material. She began designing handbags with recycled leather in early 2005, inspired by the original features of soft and gently worn jackets purchased from charity thrift stores.

The Great Kiwi Adventure

February, 2009
The Great Kiwi Adventure is a contest sponsored by Zespri Kiwi Fruit. Autobox Media was responsible for building the contest functionality as well as some flash games for the campaign.

Canadian North

September, 2010

Canadian North Inc. is an airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. It operates scheduled passenger services to major communities in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Southern gateways include Edmonton and Ottawa. Its main base is Yellowknife Airport.

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