Nettwerk Music Group

April, 2015

The first challenge with Nettwerk’s sweeping new design was to get the thousands of articles of content to transition smoothly from their existing site to the new site. We built a custom import interface to bring all the content over, complete with tags, images and links.

Nettwerk’s incredible roster of clients, relationships and placements and captured in this cleanly scalable Drupal site. It grows weekly with their ever-expanding portfolio and audience without any capacity interruptions.

Pension Calculator

June, 2015

George and Bell, a consultancy, asked us to put together a custom pension calculator to demonstrate the differences between the CPP proposals during the run-up to the election.

Pure front-end JavaScript for the win! Performing the calculations using the browser makes it easy to erase the user’s information from memory, which of course is crucial for this sort of application.

Prism Engineering

October, 2013

Prism is an energy management consulting firm who boast an impressive record of clients throughout BC. From energy auditing to water conservation to lighting design, they combine field-proven reduction strategies with real-time analytics that allow constant monitoring of consumption.

BC Trucking Association

January, 2013

This was an overhaul in every sense of the word. The BC Trucking Association asked us to modernize their look and technological capabilities in order to stay in-step with the modernization of BC's truck fleet.

The new site incorporated new fresh new branding into a theme developed for Drupal. BCTA wanted a full eCommerce package for taking event registration, member dues and supplies, which we accomplished with UberCart.

Capital Tours

June, 2012

Capital Tours is an ever-expanding historical guide to Ottawa, masterminded by the National Capital Comission. We used the incredible PhoneGap platform to build a unified app that was released simultaneously on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Visitors can take a time-sensitive essentials tour, or customize their experience with topics and alternate perspectives.

The encyclopedic content and rich media in this app was produced by our friends at AldrichPears.

Book Collector Books

February, 2012

BCB is the brainchild of a lawyer, traveller and hobbyist book collector. We worked with him to streamline Magento's front end into a clean, concise interface. The owner's personal collection of over 200 titles will soon be opened to include several other enthusiasts' libraries.


October, 2011

Espressotec's warehouse is an aladdin's den of delectable coffee gear. From beans to grinders to machines, parts and how-to guides, their knowledge of coffee gear is inexhaustible.

We designed and built their new Magento site around a costume module to facilitate their commerce interaction with AmberPOS.

CAG Offsite

June, 2011

CAG Offsite is a series of projects that takes Contemporary Art Gallery programs outside of the gallery and allows audiences to experience contemporary art within the wider context of the city.

The Offsite mobile project uses LAYAR technology to take the audience on artist-designed journeys with an everyday GPS enabled device. The viewer can explore and interact with the work they encounter along the way.


January, 2009

Toronto's own K-OS wanted his site to sit in a Commodore 64-era computer--a browser in a browser. On the Nettwerk team, we designed an 80's terminal--the K-POD--which ought to have actually existed back then (but never did). We would like to think that, had the early Apple come up with our brilliant idea of a hard-wired graphic equalizer beside the screen, we'd see it preserved in today's iMac designs.

Jars of Clay

February, 2008
Jars needed a new home for their international fanbase to peruse exclusive tracks, tour photos, and video blogs. Nettwerk (and some nascent Autoboxers) used Drupal to turn content creation and management over to the band and their team, as well as serve an inline music player which was built smart enough to stream an instant-resume mixtape on every visit.
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